What Our Clients Say

They (UgMO) take it to the next level because they’re going right to the plant and what it needs from a soil management standpoint.

With each zone having a sensor, areas that don’t require watering are skipped in the cycle, thereby saving gallons of water, dollars and preventing overwatering completely. Left field might not get watered at all, while right field gets 12 minutes and 45 seconds, exactly what it needs and no more. It makes perfect sense, knowing rather than guessing.

Prior to UgMO, we have a really good working relationship with Toro Corporation. Toro would come out with this 2 pronged wireless sensor that you put in the ground that sends data to website, but it never went to control clock. This was early on, like pre-2010. Invested in 2 of their (Toro’s) sensors to see what the data looked like, but from there never progressed to getting to control clock. When we were introduced to UgMO, I was like, “oh, this goes right to control clock now. It’s actually doing something.

The bottom line is that we feel UgMO is the best system to help us achieve our goals of using less water while becoming more efficient with the water that we do use. And, just as importantly, the ball fields are in the best shape they’ve been in the 26 years I’ve worked for the city.

Commitment to our Clients

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UgMO gets your team up and running quickly. Put our experts to work to help you drive your resource management transformation.

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Transform from manual or proxy control to UgMO – enabled, automated monitoring and control. UgMO conversion replaces your antiquated system with a modern platform.


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Weave UgMO into the fabric of your enterprise ecosystem. UgMO’s cloud-based architecture has the extensibility and scalability to integrate with your building and property management systems.

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UgMO experts help you discover new use-cases and apply best practices to accelerate value.