Never over or under water again!

UgMO's in-ground sensors water only where needed, saving you money

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Never over or under water again!

UgMO smart sensors water only when needed, saving you money

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Longwood Gardens

Considered a world premier display garden hosting 1.5 million visitors each year, Longwood Gardens includes more than 9,000 plant species, awe inspiring fountains and more than 175 acres of turfgrass. An industry leader in research and sustainability, water conservation is included in an extensive list of efforts designed to reduce waste across Longwood facilities. The list also includes soils and composting operations, an effluent irrigation program and a paper and plastic recycling initiative.

Grandview Prep

Grandview Prep is a small, private K-12 school in Boca Raton, FL. The school just finished its 20th year and has always been committed to the philosophy that education is a personal endeavor. The teachers, staff, and administration focus on timeless ethics and modern thought to help prepare students for college.

City of Roswell

The City of Roswell Parks & Recreation department was and early adopter of the UgMO Solution. Battling some of the highest water rates in the country, city personnel were looking for a cost effective solution to reduce their soaring water bills. Starting with just a few parks, the results quickly became apparent and now the City of Roswell can boast about the over 20 million gallons of water it has saved and take advantage of the over $246,000 by using the money for facility upgrades and improvements.

Guaranteed Results. No Contracts.

A cost effective solution with no capital investment and a guarantee of a net savings. If you are spending at least $xx on your water bills

In Ground Sensors Are More Accurate.

With each zone having a sensor, areas that don’t require watering are skipped in the cycle, thereby saving gallons of water, dollars and preventing overwatering completely. Left field might not get watered at all, while right field gets 12 minutes and 45 seconds, exactly what it needs and no more. It makes perfect sense, knowing rather than guessing.

Ground Breaking Technology, Literally.

Solution-As-A-Service – UgMO provides the most advanced wireless soil sensor system with agronomy expertise, technical support, and comprehensive warranty throughout the service term. UgMO agronomists analyze and fine-tune local irrigation solutions, provide alerts and reports to streamline decisions made by property management.