Never over or under water again!

UgMO’s in-ground sensors water only where needed, saving you money

Our adaptive solution includes the only underground wireless soil sensor capable of measuring soil moisture, temperature, and salinity within each zone of irrigation. The continuous data stream enables UgMO’s intelligent controllers to irrigate precisely based on the requirements of the landscape delivering net savings with no capital purchase.

Guaranteed Savings

UgMO guarantees net savings beyond all other solutions, with no upfront cost or commitment.

Sustainable Landscapes

Water conservation, monetary savings and maintaining healthy plants has never been more accurate or easier. It’s one of the smartest ways to save water.

Platform Solution

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UgMO continuously measures soil conditions (moisture, temperature and salinity) and monitors irrigation operations for zone-specific reporting and alerting.

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Applied Intelligence – “UgMO Knows” advanced analytics capability learn your landscape and irrigation system, adapting to soil variability while automating dynamic irrigation control.

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Solution-As-A-Service – UgMO provides agronomic expertise, technical support, and comprehensive warranty throughout the service term.

UgMO’s Service Agreement Advantages

  • No Capital Investment
  • UgMO installs equipment at no cost
  • Service and maintenance included for entire term of contract
  • Low fixed monthly payment
  • Savings exceeds monthly service charge = net savings to customer
  • Cancel at any time