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Municipalities enjoy water savings and resource management help with the UgMO solution

Cities, Parks and Recreation and Schools are battling budget cuts every year that adds tremendous stress to their maintenance operations. The UgMO solution provides additional revenue in the form of watering savings, plus adds an additional resource to help with the ever-demanding management of common areas, ornamental landscapes and athletic fields.

The City of Roswell

The City of Roswell Parks & Recreation department was and early adopter of the UgMO Solution. Battling some of the highest water rates in the country, city personnel were looking for a cost effective solution to reduce their soaring water bills. Starting with just a few parks, the results quickly became apparent and now the City of Roswell can boast about the overt 20 million gallons of water it has saved and take advantage of the over $246,000 by using the money for facility upgrades and improvements.

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The City of Henry County

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